“The IC design courses arranged by Hooman Reyhani & UL-CSRC Team since 2015, have proven to be very popular in ADI, not just to Ireland based engineers but to a growing number of our staff from the US, Europe and Asia as well. The quality of both the lecturers and the material presented is excellent. The courses are well organised, relevant to our needs, and suit many levels of experience, with something in each course for the beginner through intermediate and expert.”

Mr. Eric Thompson
IC Design Manager

Analog Devices


“I have attended a number of these short courses with my team, and have been impressed by their content, convenience and affordability. As the course is spread over several weeks, there is time for the team to discuss and absorb the material, thus drawing the greatest possible benefit.”

Dr. Mike Coulson
Analog Design Manager

Sensata Technologies


“Hooman Reyhani & the Circuits and Systems Research Centre (CSRC) at the University of Limerick (UL) have been providing high quality circuit design courses with top-tier lecturers for many years. This has given our team access to these trainers and courses which otherwise would have not been available in Ireland. All of the courses have been on topics very relevant to current industry trends. Each of the courses was provided by a world-renowned expert trainer and global experts on the topic. This helps to keep abreast with current research as well as to upskill. Prior to the pandemic, the onsite courses were also a great opportunity for technical networking during the breaks. The online courses have helped spread the courses all over the world. It has been a great experience taking part in many of these courses and look forward to several exciting courses in the coming months and years.”

Mr. Dermot Macsweeney
Director of Design Engineering

Infineon Technologies

“I have attended the “Modern Wireline Transceivers” course (2023), “Advanced ADC Design Techniques” course (2022) and “Advanced Data Converters” course (2021), arranged by Hooman Reyhani, and I have found them all to be cutting-edge and of great value. Over the years I have taken classes through some other portals but I prefer the format delivered by Hooman Reyhani. Spreading the course over multiple weeks allows for the content to be absorbed more deeply. The (optional) homework assignments, the course forum (offline Q&A), lecture chat, and lecture playback are unique features of his courses and of great benefit to the participants. The ability to watch the lectures at a convenient time, and/or replay parts for better understanding, and to be able to ask questions on the course forum, helps a lot with the learning. The presenters are world class professors and/or industry professionals and have excellent grasp of the material. These courses are very beneficial to entry level through experienced designers, as the content covers fundamental topics as well as latest trends. Even undergraduate and graduate students would benefit a lot from these courses.”

Mr. John Rankin
Senior Mixed Signal Engineer

“The online short-course, “Modern Wireline Transceivers”, January 2023, presented by Prof. Tony Chan Carusone and organized by Dr. Hooman Reyhani, is in my opinion an amazing example of advanced education. The course format, with recorded online lectures and course material, available on the online platform, enables learning with a busy work/research schedule. The course content and auxiliary material are of high quality. The explanations and discussions are both deep and broad, but most importantly, very open and transparent, easing the less-experienced audience into the topic in focus. I highly recommend this course, and I am looking forward to the ones to follow.”

Mr. Angelo Parisi



“My first introduction to the IC Design Training courses organized by Dr. Hooman Reyhani was in the IEEE SSCS Magazine, where I read about his previous courses. I then decided to enrol for the “Analog IC Design in Nanoscale CMOS” course, presented by Prof. Chan Carusone, in September 2021. The course was flawless with an impressively high quality in all aspects, from the professor engagement & delivery, to the course material, homework assignments and the overall course organization. Since then I have attended every course and they have all been equally impressive. The most recent course, “Modern Wireline Transceivers”, by Prof. Chan Carusone, was once again excellent, with highest quality course content, including well planned homework assignments (Python scripts) and state-of-the-art references. The knowledge I gained from the “Advanced ADC Design Techniques” course, by Prof. Ryu, and the “Power Management” course, by Prof. Prodic, is extremely useful for my daily work activities. I’m looking forward to the upcoming course on “Practical Filter Design Techniques” by Prof. Shanti Pavan, co-author of one of my favourite books. Last but not least, the format of these courses, with two sessions per week, allows to easily accommodate them with the daily work schedule. The course fees are also very affordable and a great investment even if not sponsored by one’s employer. Thank you Dr. Hooman for organizing these courses with such talented Professors. Keep up the great work and contribution to the Analog IC Design Community.”

Mr. José Rui Custódio
Analog IC Design Engineer

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn from the “Modern Wireline Transceivers” short course, taught by Prof. Tony Chan Carusone and organized by Dr. Hooman Reyhani. As a graduate student, I felt the course was well-organized and directly relevant to my research in wireline transceivers. Prof. Chan Carusone bridged communication theory concepts and practical transceiver design in a way that circuit designers could follow. Over the eight lectures, he used the lecture time efficiently, to fit a wide range of material. Prof. Chan Carusone was responsive to answer live questions during lectures. The format of two lectures per week worked well and I could still focus on my other work while following this course. I really appreciate the lecture playback recordings – very helpful to watch and review after the live sessions. The homework exercises and provided Python code were a nice benefit. I also liked how there were classmates from industry – I learned a lot from their questions in the live chat and the course forum. Further, Dr. Reyhani was fast and helpful to respond to my questions on registering and accessing course materials. I am excited for future course offerings!”

Ms. Richelle Smith
Ph.D. Candidate
Stanford University

“I had the privilege of attending the live-virtual course “mm-Wave & THz CMOS IC Design” arranged by Dr. Hooman Reyhani and presented by Prof. Patrick Reynaert. The syllabus material was carefully devised to help the nominal IC design engineer expand their repertoire of semiconductor engineering fundamentals and understand the challenges of high-frequency systems. To provide some context, I had primarily been a baseband SoC design engineer in the industry with cursory knowledge of analog circuits. Despite this challenge of mine, I faced no roadblocks in following the course material which contained appropriate homework assignments. Towards the end of this online course, I had gained enough knowhow of RF & mm-Wave techniques to clear interviews for my dream RFIC role and was able to join Qualcomm’s RF-Analog organization a few weeks later. I would highly recommend the various courses provided by Dr. Reyhani, whether it’s for professional advancement or just for the adventure of learning. The organizational acumen is excellent in every possible way, including having lecture recordings available to the participants. Most importantly, I had the privilege of learning directly from a leading researcher of cutting-edge millimeter-wave semiconductors à la Dr. Patrick Reynaert! I owe significant credit for my career advancement to the knowledge provided by Hooman & Patrick.

Mr. Raghu Nandan
RFIC Analog Design Engineer

Qualcomm Atheros Inc.


“I have attended both online courses arranged by Hooman Reyhani in 2021, both lectured by world-class professors on topics related to analog and mixed-signal IC design. The courses are well organised with very interesting material. A lot of effort is made by providing homework material so that the attendees are involved in the course with hands-on exercises, which really helps to understand the topics under study. As I have worked as an analog/mixed signal designer in a company and I have been a researcher in an academic institution, I would personally recommend these courses to anyone from industry or academia. These courses usually have cutting-edge/experimental techniques more relevant for researchers but also more robust techniques suitable for designers in companies.”

Mr. Fábio Passos
Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow

Instituto de Telecomunicações


“I have attended two recent online short-courses: one in 2020, about RFIC Design and one in 2021 on Nanoscale CMOS IC Design. Both courses have provided high-quality training on topics which turned out to be very useful to my daily work, while being up-to-date with the state-of-the-art research and development. The format of the courses has been excellent: presentations were really well structured and surprisingly well commented as well, which is particularly good if you need to revisit them in the future. The presenters were clear, concise and straight to the point, suiting all levels of experience from beginners through intermediate and advanced. Also, course participants had access to the session recordings for several weeks, giving us an opportunity to catch up with a missed lecture. Last but not least, both courses were spread really fairly over several weeks, which allows time to digest the concepts, perform homework assignments with the right attention while not sacrificing work commitments. I really recommend all levels of expertise to take part in these courses and look forward to attending the next one!”

Mr. Giuseppe Macera
Senior IC Design Engineer
NXP Semiconductors

“I recently attended the “Nanoscale CMOS IC Design” online course. I was impressed by the quality of the material and Prof. Chan Carusone’s theoretical and experimental knowledge. The outstanding support received from Dr. Reyhani for accessing the course materials, simulation tools and the session recordings made this experience more enjoyable for all the participants. The record-breaking number of female participants was one of key highlights of this course for me. I cannot wait to attend the future courses.”

Ms. Masoume Akbari
Ph.D. Candidate

Polytechnique Montreal


“The Analog IC Design Course provided by Hooman Reyhani and Prof. Tony Chan Carusone was excellent. It contained fundamental analog circuit design as well as advanced IC design techniques using FinFET devices. The course material and SPICE simulation environment were provided in advance. Those in attendance can confirm lecture topics and homework before/after lecture. I attended this course remotely from Japan. Hooman Reyhani gave me very hearty support so I could enjoy every lecture despite of midnight start-time. I strongly recommend these courses to experts as well as less experienced engineers and researchers, particularly engineers from Asia.”

Mr. Hiroki Sato
Analog IC Design Engineer

“I attended Prof. Chan Carusone’s “Nanoscale Analog CMOS IC Design” online course. It was a fantastic way to stay up to date with the latest trends in analog design at cutting-edge nodes, from common best practices to Prof. Chan’s own personal insights. The content was engaging, practical, and insightful, and went far beyond anything already available online. While the topics presented were quite advanced, the presenter ensured that even beginners could keep up-nobody was left behind. The homework gave us great hands-on experience using industry-standard tools. We had consistent support from Hooman and Prof. Chan, and the class online discussion forum gave us a great opportunity to engage with our fellow participants. I look forward to attending future courses, and strongly recommend them for anyone else.”

Dr. Jason Eshraghian
Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
University of Michigan / University of Western Australia
USA / Australia

“The online short-course “Analog IC Design in Nanoscale CMOS” provided me great insights into advanced technologies. The course was very well organised, with two sessions per week for a total of 4 weeks, combined with a discussion forum and homework. The course materials and session recordings further enhanced the value of the training. The course included complimentary license to the SIMetrix simulator for the homework assignments. The presenter, Prof. Tony Chan Carusone, was clear and a pleasure to follow. In each lecture, he shared design techniques to manage the challenges of new nanoscale technologies, followed by real examples. I very much enjoyed attending this course and I recommend courses provided by Hooman Reyhani and his team to anyone interested in IC Design, from students to industry professionals.”

Ms. Giulia Manca
Analog IC Design Engineer

“I have recently been introduced to the short-courses arranged by Hooman Reyhani & UL-CSRC group. The course lecturers are world renowned in the circuit design discipline. They help keep one abridged to the latest developments and simultaneously help refresh the basics. Online learning has become a great global force giving access to the best educators from anywhere in the world. Hoping to take part in many of the upcoming courses in the future.”

Mr. Rohan Seth
Analog Modeling Engineer

“I recently attended the “Analog IC Design in Nanoscale CMOS” online course. I found that the content delivery was excellent. Course material covered broad range of relevant topics from characteristics of devices, through circuit implementation to pitfalls experienced and lessons learned. The online live lecture schedule, spread out over a number of weeks, worked for me in striking the right balance between setting aside the required time to attend and maintaining momentum gained from regular sessions. Very well organised and beneficial overall.”

Mr. John Keane
Senior Manager Analog IC Design
Vishay Siliconix

“I attended the online short-course on “Analog IC Design in Nanoscale CMOS” in Sept. 2021. This gave me the opportunity to learn from one of the best lecturers, Prof. Tony Chan Carusone. I was highly impressed by the quality and the content of the course. The course was well organized, convenient to attend, and covered a number of important topics during a short period of time.”

Ms. Hasantha Malavipathirana
Ph.D. Candidate
Florida International University

“The “Analog IC Design in Nanoscale CMOS” online course was an up-to-date and relevant course on advanced analog CMOS design in cutting edge process technologies. The course covered a very broad range of topics from MOS/device fundamentals, basic analog building blocks to complex SERDES systems. The course presenter, Prof. Chan Carusone, is well known in the area of high speed analog design and he kept the class engaged. He had an excellent presentation of the concepts for a wide range of audience with various analog design experience. The course website and homework material were very useful for reinforcing the concepts that were taught in the class. Kudos to the course organizer, Hooman, for arranging an excellent online course. He was extremely patient in arranging the online Zoom logistics for an audience of 100 participants literally from all over the world. Thanks to him for arranging additional logistics for the class, where he went above and beyond to record the lecture sessions which helped the audience to follow the course content at their own pace, arranging SIMetrix simulator licenses, which was essential to simulate the FinFET models. Hooman is well known in the Irish analog design community for arranging these training courses on various topics of analog design from 2015 onward. Overall it was a very gratifying educational experience and the knowledge obtained from the course is useful to the audience in the long run.”

Mr. Lokesh Rajendran
Analog IC Design Engineer

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    Proud Member of IEEE & SSCS

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